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a slash site
where the boys get very naughty...
and they don't miss the girls at all

 It is not my place (nor is it legal) to make censorial judgements about who is "old enough " to read these stories or view the manips and, although presented for the sexually mature among us (ie happy pr0n perverts), I don't believe that anything here would ruin a 13-year-old for life.  
Having said that, it could piss off your boss/parent/vicar/interferring older brother or
just plain embarrass you to be caught reading or looking

so please do be
aware that all the stories following are based upon and freqently concern ...
writhing naked male bodies, writhing naked together, doing things we should
have got to see on the series
    mainly Spike-based fanfiction relating to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel universes but with none of the het stuff (all het exceptions will be clearly marked, though the sex will not be graphic.)
Many storiest include, eventually, fairly graphic representations of homo-erotica.
If you want squidgy bits in your smut, it's no good looking here.

Now, please wander as you please

The Gallery
a few photo-manips; some respectable
and some... not so much.