such are the evils of idle hands (and idolous bodies) and the addiction that is Photoshop

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General photomanips:

Spike/ Angel 



Mono and more....       
                 mean, moody, mmm  
Inspired by James:   
  The Marsters Alphabet                The Treasure Trail photo collection                  
Stuff to take away:
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Mwrgana's pix for her fics: 

    Manips illustrating Mwrgana's fiction

Less a cartoon - more a way of life:  
with a difference
Pics inspired by other authors' fics: 
Darker _Spike Art Challenges
          An eclectic mix of images on various subjects
new April 05                   Warning!!       

Here be Naughty and
Naked Dangly Bits

if you don't like seeing our pretty boys naked
and willing,  then it would be as well not to investigate further.

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